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~miku no heya~
7 December 1985
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Miku no Heya
You can called me Miku and I'm from Indonesia. One thing you should known. I'm a fangirl of Camui Gackt since 14 years ago.But I'm still curious about him anyway. No one permitted to INSULTING him on my journal. I wouldn't allowed it.

This journal contained all my interesting things or something that i should put in an entry ^^;;
I love to cooking as much as i love Gackt, so don't be surprised if you found a lot of 'foods' entry as much as Gackt's entry xD.

I write fanfiction too, you can found it in Fanfiction Archive.
And I love drawing too, Fanart Archive.
I also singing too ^////^ if you interest to listen my cover song, here my Fan Project Cover Song Archive

And this my first mini album now available xDDDD

Thanks to sleepervampire for this cover :)

Joined my community jband_support. A community that appreciates freelance support musicians in j-rock fandom.

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