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Scan: Dears Special Talk & Live Addition

Hello minna, hisashiburi~ 
Sorry for not really active on LJ lately, I'm busy with other social network and also my work really spend my time. 

Now I'm backt and bring some scans from booklet (?) Dears Present Special Talk & Live Addition. I actually don't know where this come from, I just got this in auctions and since I love G in 2003-2008 era, so for me this is a must have ^^
But, I'm sorry for bad at scanning, I don't have skill.. There's some dirty on the picture *head desk* because of my scanner -___-

You can edit it by yourself with photoshop to get a better pic. 

Repost is okay but please credit me. And the last, enjoy the beauty ^^

Tags: musician: gackt, scan
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