it's semi friends lock

This is miku's journal. Start from now i make it semi friends lock. If you want to add me, just let me know first, you can pm me or leave a comment in this entry. I wouldn't add you back if you dont tell me who you are, I'm a friendly person, but i want to know something about my friends. Please don't ask me to friended back IF your LJ is EMPTY except I know you in some communities and we ever TALK each other. I will cut you from my friend list IF we NEVER talk in 3 months. I'll send PM before if it happen to you (I'm sorry I have to do this, I have my own reason).

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Well, it's been a while ne >w<

I'm going to GACKT LAST VISUALIVE for Kobe at April 7th 2016~!!!!

Ahh so happy I can go backt to GACKT's concert Japan again \^o^/

I should write my last Japan entry trip soon before this one LOL

So, anyone go?

(no subject)

You should be happy to see me stick around reading comic or watching anime when I have day off. Meanwhile other girl get pregnant and left by their boyfriend, or sucking dick for money, or clubbing until sunset and getting high with drugs..
What am I doing wrong here? I'm not going anywhere, not even leaving the fence house these days, I did the house work when Mom on trip. I did cooking for you and for the rest of family. I did washing and ironing your clothes and the rest of family. I'm not sleeping all day and do nothing.

I'm not harm people around me and I'm not hurt my self either.
I'm not a free loader.
I'm not unemployment.
I'm not borrowing money.
I'm not make my family name has a bad reputation.

So why you say such a words to me.. I don't get it, dad..

Mom.. hurry up go home..


I just download the album yesterday.

I'm surprised that I pretty much like GACKTracks ULTRA DJ ReMIX, so did my little nephew
My fave so far is ANOTHER WORLD (☆Taku Takahashi ReMIX) and CUBE (DanceFloorExperience Mix/MARC PANTHER)

But still, I don't have the need to buy that.. I still prefer your works, G ^^
So looking forward to your new album >w< give me something new~

Japan Trip Again xDD

Soooooooooooooooooo~~~ I'm so happy today, HA-ha, reading such a good news after a long sleep in the weekend is so good~

Well, what happen today? Hm.. Okay I'll write about it now lol

I'm planning to go to Japan again (for the 3rd time) this September from 11 - 20. At first I only joking around with my friend about going to Japan and go for Wagakki Band concert since they finally had their 1st JAPAN TOUR. I went to Wagakki Band performance in Singapore last year but they only perform 4 songs which not satisfied me at all. The live itself give me a must-go-oneman-show feeling. So when they finally announce their 1st JAPAN TOUR, I said to my friend, "let's go catch them again".

The Fan Club presale ticket of course by lottery, and actually I'm not hoping to win. Seriously, I was like hmm.. well if i win then it's a bonus for me. And I won the ticket, so did my friend. So we will go for 2 lives of Wagakki Band in Kawasaki (September 12) and Niigata (September 13) \^o^/ Then I'm planning to go to Tokyo Game Show (TGS) on September 19-20, and (if I'm lucky) will go for Kurobascup 2015 on 20 September. So, wish me luck >w<

Few days later, GACKT announce that he will participate in KISHIDAN EXPO 2015 on September 19!!! HOLY SHIT THAT'S THE DAY I WILL BE IN JAPAN. THANK GOD!! So, I brave myself to apply the lottery ticket, and I won \^o^/. Since I won this ticket, I will go by myself, my friend will go to TGS as we planned earlier. Okay, so our plan is fix now so we can book the ticket flight.

When I finally have time to check flight, immediately issued the booking ticket. I chose my flight with ANA (wow never dream I can flight with this airline before lol), of course with promotion flight hahahaha..

The next day after I issued the flight, L'Arc~en~Ciel also announce their special live in Osaka on September 21-22. Too bad I can't go though I really want to go, because I can't change my flight date since it's promotin ticket... But I'm still hoping for their 25th anniversary next year.

And then today................. VAMPS announce that they will also participate in KISHIDAN EXPO 2015 in the same day as GACKT!!!


I'm such a lucky bastard this time, I know. HAHAHAHAHAHA

So, who else will go? Anyone know who else will go? It's nice if I have a companion xD

Rambling, just rambling

Currently I'm a jobless. Haha..

I'm tired of this shit gender discrimination. Not to put me in a project that located in a mount is acceptable, I know it's too risk for a woman to live with all man on the top of mount. But I can not accept if the project located in the center of the city, just because it has night shift only. Yes, I get it there's no day shift so work hours only at 7 pm tp 7 am. I get it. But why turn me down and take out my name from manpower list because of I am a woman? We're talking about Jakarta here, it's a 24h city, Jakarta always crowded.

Just tell me if you don't need me anymore, I'll send resignation letter. Just don't hang me up like this. Still working but jobless.
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Hi everyone~

Well, first of all, 13 July 2014 seriously? It was the last time I wrote something in LJ? Geez, it was a really really long time. I wonder if people still here.. But anyway, here I am.. maybe babbling random stuff

I really need to fix my mindset about buying a house. I have been searching, searching, and searching a house for myself in the past 6 months. Result, I still got nothing to fulfill my own style and budget. People around me offered so many options, I'd like them to help me but now it feel like.. enough. Choosing a house it's like choosing a wedding dress, you should connected to them, and buying a house it's not as simple as buying a wedding dress.

I said that to my sis and she said, "No need connection, you just buying what you need, a little over budget is okay since you can afford it". Hm.. excuse me but I'm not rich as you think, sis! Why should I buy a 4FL house with 6 bedrooms and basement garage while I'm still single and who the fuck want a 4FL house? Maybe she want it. I can't afford billions rupiah house.

I only want well not a big house but I want to have enough rooms for my family. My dream house should have 2-3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, a lively living room, a dinner room, a functional kitchen, a laundy & dry area, a store room, a little garden would be nice, a carport, and a little study/work - library room. And the location of the house will be outside Jakarta but still around and near to the train station or at least it can be reach by public transportation.

So I'm still hunting the house..
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>3< オメ〜!

What time????


bday card

You always stay beside me when I'm needed, and I do the same thing to you. I always stay beside you when you need me. People talk negative about you, people badmouthing about you, people think you are an asshole and some of your fans think you are too mainstream and change so much that your music is just a bunch of crap or your works are living shit. That people said about you recently.

You had a long journey to reach your pattern now, you had a wonderful 15 years solo carrier and you had a great 41 years living as an amazing human. You are not perfeckt, I know that you are only a human, and I know you are grown up. You become mature years by years, you become more famous, but I know, you are still the same person that I know for 14 years.

You are still GACKT.

You didn't change.

You're grown up.

Happy birthday, GACKT.

I wish you all the best.

Thank you for your hard works all this time, I can't count how many times you change my bad mood, how many times you give my courage when I'm down, how many times you open my mind, how many times you save my day.

Stay delicious~!

and I'm looking forward to your sexpensive live fucking size pillow